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Women and the Opioid Crisis

The effects of any substance on a human body are far from universal, with biological makeup—gender included—shaping the response. “Women experience something called telescoping,” says Andrea Grubb Barthwell, M.D., a founding chairwoman on the board of FORCE and director of the North Carolina substance-use treatment center called Two Dreams.

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76% of people with an addiction are employed.

As opioid use continues to increase, and as more employees struggle with addiction while on the job, it remains to be seen how human resource professionals will determine the best methods of intervention, and how fear of liability can be overcome to save the lives of the people who work for them, and sometimes, the people those addicts are working with.

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Surgeon General's Report on Addiction

"Even after a year or 2 of remission is achieved-through treatment or some other route-it can take 4-5 more years before the risk of relapse drops below 15 percent..... As a result, similar to other chronic conditions, a person with a serious substance use disorder often requires ongoing monitoring and management to maintain remission and to provide early re-intervention should the person relapse."

"Access to recovery support services can help former substance users achieve and sustain long-term wellness."

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