Assurance Recovery Monitoring
Proof. Peace of Mind. Assured.


Monitoring Works

AFTERCARE RECOVERY Monitoring makes recovery,not relapse,the expected outcome

All substance use disorders (SUD) are chronic, progressive diseases. Treating them like an acute disease, in episodes, usually leads to higher relapse rates. The astounding effectiveness of monitoring after treatment has been established through many formal programs used by professional licensing boards(see report here).  Physicians, lawyers, nurses, and airline pilots all have access to monitoring programs where relapse rates are low and positive outcomes are the norm. Their documented success rates are as high as 85% five years after treatment. It is time for everyone to have access to the same level of success as these professionals. Our monitoring program can increase positive long-term outcomes for everyone. 


If a relapse occurs, monitoring provides the opportunity for quick intervention. The goal is to reach out and quickly get the person back on the road to recovery. 

The safety net of monitoring

Monitoring provides a safety net for everyone involved. Participating in monitoring helps people stay in recovery. It provides external support and accountability that guides people as they maintain abstinence while engaging in recovery behaviors.

Our program offers the following benefits:

  • Web-based platform that is secure, convenient and easy to use
  • Wide variety of testing panels including urine, hair, blood, nails, and breathalyzer
  • Random testing protocol that's individualized for each client's needs
  • On-demand testing, which allows participant's to choose to test anytime
  • End-to-end chain of custody for all samples ensuring accuracy and reliability in testing
  • Confidentiality 
  • Easy access to results and case management information
  • Access to an ASAM certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) upon request