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Monitoring provides a clear path forward. 

We understand that moving forward is a priority. Transferring the knowledge and skills learned during inpatient or outpatient treatment to everyday life is challenging. It's also difficult to let go and trust when someone has been dealing with a substance use issue. Our program provides a solution that gives support, guidance, and verification of compliance with discharge plans, which allows others to move out of the policing role and toward a healthier, more supportive relationship. 

Overall relapse rates are well over 60% in the first year after treatment. We know treatment is effective, but compliance with discharge recommendations often falls short and relapse occurs. Research and experience shows that post-treatment monitoring significantly increases people's ability to successfully get in recovery and stay there. Our program provides the added support and structure that can increase the chances of successful recovery.

Licensed professionals like physicians, lawyers, nurses and airline pilots all have access to monitoring programs where relapse rates are low and positive outcomes are the norm. With relapse rates under 20% and documented success rates as high as 85% five years after treatment when monitoring is used. 

It's time for everyone to have access to the same tools and achieve the same level of success as professionals.  

At ARM, we offer a comprehensive approach to monitoring. Our immediate goal is to design a monitoring program that meets the individual's needs and increases their chances of success. Our ultimate goal is to help everyone involved feel confident and secure.

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Clients We Serve

PARENTS or Loved ones

After treatment, parents and loved ones often feel left out of the recovery process, unsure how to move forward and fearful of relapse. We know, through experience, that recovery monitoring lowers the chance of relapse. Working with us gives family members a powerful tool that supports their loved one’s recovery and builds a healthier family dynamic. Empower your family with clear answers about your loved one's recovery and increase your peace of mind. We are with you every step of the way.



As an employer, having key personnel with a substance issue opens you up to tremendous liabilities. Employees with work-related injuries as a result of substance use and impairment drive increased worker's compensation costs. Monitoring as a condition of continued employment allows an employee to provide a demonstrable record of sobriety and compliance while mitigating risks to the business. As an employer, you can focus on business and know your interests are protected while caring for your employee's well-being. We are with you every step of the way.  

Professional Licensing Boards

Licensing boards for professionals strive to protect the public and certify that a professional is fit to practice. The ability to practice safely can be difficult when substance issues are present. In an effort to assist professionals with substance issues and maintain the integrity of the licensing authority, many professional boards turn to monitoring. We work with each board to establish guidelines and individualize programs to their needs. Our monitoring programs provide an accurate and dependable record they can lean on.



Administrators and teachers are tasked with the tremendous responsibility of not only educating but also overseeing the well-being of students. When a school becomes aware that a student has a substance issue, they often become involved in managing those issues. Responsibly managing these issues while keeping the privacy and best interest of the student at the forefront can be challenging. Monitoring helps schools meet those challenges head-on and protects everyone involved by allowing continued enrollment with the assurance of compliance. We are with you every step of the way.


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