Assurance Recovery Monitoring
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What is Monitoring?

Monitoring provides a clear path forward.

Monitoring provides a clear path forward.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our comprehensive approach to monitoring allows people to demonstrate abstinence and recovery. It also works to identify relapse behaviors and address them quickly if they occur. Our program is staffed with expert clinicians who work cooperatively with clients.

Monitoring consists of:

  • Daily check-in to web-based platform
  • Random drug screening protocol
  • Immediate notification of positive screens*
  • Twelve-step attendance tracking
  • Monthly self-report to monitor progress
  • Signed releases so updates can be given to all parties
  • Verification of compliance for employers, if desired
  • Review of drug screens and program reports by skilled clinicians
  • Clinical check-ins with clients by skilled clinicians 
  • Progress reports* 

*Notification of positive drug screens and progress reports are issued subject to signed releases.


Recovery monitoring is post-treatment monitoring that increases accountability, supports a necessary life-long commitment to recovery, and is critical in relapse prevention. You may sometimes hear it referred to as Addiction Recovery or Aftercare Recovery Monitoring.